Fabaceae Lindl., nom. cons.

Family number: 440. Last updated: 16-Sep-2003.
Alternate name: Leguminosae
Type genus: Faba Mill.
Comment: dicot family

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Synonyms for Family
Subfamilies and tribes for Fabaceae
Subfamily Tribe Subtribe
Caesalpinioideae Caesalpinieae
Caesalpinioideae Cassieae
Caesalpinioideae Cassieae Cassiinae
Caesalpinioideae Cassieae Ceratoniinae
Caesalpinioideae Cassieae Dialiinae
Caesalpinioideae Cassieae Duparquetiinae
Caesalpinioideae Cassieae Labicheinae
Caesalpinioideae Cercideae
Caesalpinioideae Cercideae Bauhiniinae
Caesalpinioideae Cercideae Cercidinae
Caesalpinioideae Detarieae
Faboideae Abreae
Faboideae Adesmieae
Faboideae Aeschynomeneae
Faboideae Aeschynomeneae Aeschynomeninae
Faboideae Aeschynomeneae Discolobiinae
Faboideae Aeschynomeneae Ormocarpinae
Faboideae Aeschynomeneae Poiretiinae
Faboideae Aeschynomeneae Stylosanthinae
Faboideae Amorpheae
Faboideae Astragaleae
Faboideae Bossiaeeae
Faboideae Brongniartieae
Faboideae Carmichaelieae
Faboideae Cicereae
Faboideae Coronilleae
Faboideae Crotalarieae
Faboideae Cytiseae
Faboideae Dalbergieae
Faboideae Daleeae
Faboideae Desmodieae
Faboideae Desmodieae Bryinae
Faboideae Desmodieae Desmodiinae
Faboideae Desmodieae Lespedezinae
Faboideae Dipteryxeae
Faboideae Euchresteae
Faboideae Fabeae
Faboideae Galegeae
Faboideae Galegeae Alhagiinae
Faboideae Galegeae Astragalinae
Faboideae Galegeae Coluteinae
Faboideae Galegeae Galeginae
Faboideae Galegeae Glycyrrhizinae
Faboideae Genisteae
Faboideae Hedysareae
Faboideae Hypocalypteae
Faboideae Indigofereae
Faboideae Liparieae
Faboideae Loteae
Faboideae Millettieae
Faboideae Mirbelieae
Faboideae Phaseoleae
Faboideae Phaseoleae Cajaninae
Faboideae Phaseoleae Clitoriinae
Faboideae Phaseoleae Diocleinae
Faboideae Phaseoleae Erythrininae
Faboideae Phaseoleae Glycininae
Faboideae Phaseoleae Kennediinae
Faboideae Phaseoleae Ophrestiinae
Faboideae Phaseoleae Phaseolinae
Faboideae Podalyrieae
Faboideae Podalyrieae Podalyriinae
Faboideae Podalyrieae Xiphothecinae
Faboideae Psoraleeae
Faboideae Robinieae
Faboideae Sophoreae
Faboideae Swartzieae
Faboideae Thermopsideae
Faboideae Trifolieae
Faboideae Vicieae
Mimosoideae Acacieae
Mimosoideae Ingeae
Mimosoideae Mimoseae
Mimosoideae Mimozygantheae
Mimosoideae Parkieae